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Welcome to my website! I’m glad you’re here.  I help coaches, consultants, ambitious career professionals, and small business owners build strong businesses, career and life plans to live their life by design, gain brand clarity, figure out their target audience, define their  content strategy, and set up sales funnels. Attract the clients you want. Build a loyal following. Convert them into forever customers. Live the life you want, on your terms!

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On my show, I interview business owners who are bold, empowered, courageous, and quite SASSY. Follow their inspiring advice so you can love Mondays again!

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Follow Your Life Purpose — From Superficial to Deeper Meaning

What is Your True Calling? Follow Your Life Purpose. Find Your True Calling. In my 20s I played the money game. Most young people do. My success was measured purely by my finances. In fact, the way I viewed work had nothing to do with my life's work or purpose. I...

How to Hustle Like a CEO Minus the Burnout

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash   For workaholics who don’t believe in work-life balance   People who achieve success definitely don’t practice work-life balance. Talent, luck, timing, and connections can contribute but one thing is certain: they work...

Are You Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur?

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash   Ten signs to know that you are…or not   There is no right nor wrong answer. Both groups can be massively successful or fail terribly. The stress can arguable also be the same, depending on what level of...

How to Hire Trustworthy Coaches, Consultants, and Experts

Image: Matthew Ball via Unsplash   A vetting system for true credibility   What are credentials worth anymore? Look carefully at the people who are deemed to be thought leaders. I see very young business coaches living with their parents yet coaching...

Ten Tips To Find and Hire a Good Business Coach or Mentor

Image:Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash       A Bulletproof Guide to Finding The Perfect Fit     You’ve heard that successful people have coaches and mentors so you are curious about seeing if you can afford one and find one that helps you...


    Full Disclaimer: I am no Linkedin Coach so if you are looking for advanced training, I can refer you to some excellent coaches. This article is purely based on my own success on Linkedin (the "Sassy" formula?). I am on Linkedin for GOOD and only want to...

Thought Leadership 101: Find and Use Your Voice for Influence

What is thought leadership? Can average people become thought leaders and influencers? Yes, we all can! You don't have to have the looks of a model or some mad talents. You build influence by being fully yourself all the time and showing it to the world on a regular...

Why I Regret Not Building a Personal Brand Ten Years Earlier

It’s not something you can afford to ignore anymore Photo by MaddiesCreation on Unsplash Do you roll your eyes at social media influencers and think they are mostly pathetic, attention-grabbing fake people? While...

Why Marketing Should Come First Before Sales

Ending the Debate Once and for All Photo by Ameer Basheer on Unsplash Every CEO will tell you that Sales is essential to the business. I’d agree but not before Marketing. Marketing has long been misunderstood as a “nice-to-have”, especially in the...

Why Viral Posts Are the New Stupid

Image: @brandialxndra for UnsplashAs a marketer, the number one question I get is “How can I get popular?” This translates in people’s minds into two things: Growing a large following Having your posts get a large number of views and likes This goal is understandable....

Brand Identity

How does your brand look, feel, and sound like? How is your brand unique and authentic? Let’s talk.

Content Strategy

How to best communicate with your audience? How do you organise and schedule your content? I’m here for you!



Content really is king and to become an authority, you need to produce tons of it. Don’t worry; I’ve got a plan!


Marketing Strategy

Design a complete strategy for your brand. Because getting found is everything.

Revenue Streams

 When you start a business you need to set up 3-10 income streams. This is how you build wealth.

Business Coaching

I’m passionate about helping people grow their own businesses.


 Turn your unique skill into a profitable online business that your ideal client can’t wait to discover


What They Say

You want the truth…you want honest answers…you want to hear it how it is…ask Krista. She is a sugar free, no nonsense individual who speaks the truth. She is a voice for those who do not have the courage to speak up. She is a powerful force to be reckoned with while also having a huge heart to serve others. She leverages an incredible intellect with a deep intuition in order to deliver exceptional results. Krista is bold, confident, and will fiercely fight for her clients. I HIGHLY, recommend Krista as a coach, consultant, speaker, and just someone important to know. Book her now…she is on fire!!! 

You need to work with Krista. I’ve partnered with her in a numberof different capacities. Each time, I am amazed by her as a both aprofessional and as a human being. She is sharp, dependable,and KNOWS HER STUFF.

Krista is a unique combination of talent and heart. It is difficult to say whether she is more talented or more loving. The most interesting thing that stands out for me in every conversation with Krista is her passion to make a real difference in the lives of people around her who compromise on their dreams and potential. With the Sassy Method, Krista helps you unfold mental blocks and put things in the right perspective. I highly recommend her!


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