#12 – Lighting a Fire Under Your A@$ with Business Coach/Consultant Brandy Hollaway

Brandy Hollaway is one of my favourite SASSY people! 

With her Phoenix Factor coaching and consulting services for medical and wellness professionals, she offers a tough love approach to women-preneurs achieving self-sufficiency to really own their fire and thrive financially and emotionally through teaching them business scalability and marketing strategies.

I love her fabulous motto: “No judgement, no pity parties, and no comfort zone.”

Brandy is a coach for you if you dare to become a Fire-Starter, which translates into taking full charge of your life situation and owning your business. Brandy is not playing around: she aims for results. 

Join us in this lively conversation about overcoming hardships and fears to some of the hidden aspects of the coaching industry that only us insiders may know. 

Watch this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/8K45TCYd71U

I highly recommend you connect with Brandy at:




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