#16 – Honest Confession: Something About Me I’ve Never Told Anyone

Today I have a solo episode for you. I want to tell you something about me from my past that deepen defined who I am now but that I've never told anyone and probably never will talk about it again.

I recorded this as a live video so that I wouldn't lose my courage to post it. Tune in if you are curious to know about my secret.

[0:00] [7:30] – My Background and How I Came To Be Like I Was

[7:30] [8:20] – Confession

8: 21 – [17:21] – Describing the Ugliness Of The Past

[17:22] [18:11] – The Low Point

18: 12 – [19:18] – Trying to Get Help

19: 19 – 20: 25 – Wake Up Call About The Old Me

20: 26 – 23: 08 – Who I Am Now

[23:10] – 29: 09 – The Purpose of This Conversation And What You Can Learn From My Story

Read My Blog Post About it: https://kmollion.medium.com/confessions-of-a-former-asshole-abefe642de57

Watch the live replay: https://youtu.be/0cVPXTf4Xnw

Thankfully, I went through a life transformation with a wake-up call and a deeper path to purpose, which I wrote a memoir about: http://kristamollion.com/books/

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