#18: Self-Sabotage: When Your Heart Isn’t Letting You Succeed

Have you ever tried repeatedly to succeed at something but couldn’t seem to follow through til the end? Or maybe you did but fell back into old patterns later? We can blame it on a lack of discipline but I want to go one level deeper: what you are lacking is self-love.

Sometimes we boycott our own success because our hearts are still hurting from a core belief that we don’t deserve true happiness. This is the result of guilt and shame. These feelings occur when you suffer, from rejection, abandonment, loss, verbal or physical abuse, bullying, and other trauma. We develop a belief that we are at fault, often irrationally. And we can’t seem to let go, even when time has passed. We continue to suffer on a very deep, subconscious level.

In this podcast, I discuss how to release it and move forward.

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