Are you a coach, content creator, consultant, freelancer, or service-based business owner? Then this topic may interest you: pricing.

We all have different reactions about prices due to our class level, spending budgets, and earnings.

People will pay nearly anything to get something they really want. Just look at the fashion industry. Where is the “value”? It is all in the perception of what something is worth. There is a market for everyone.

So the secret is to find your niche who really needs your services. Then price will never be an issue. If someone says they want it but doesn't buy, the two reasons are:

-It wasn't that valuable to them after all

-They are afraid to invest in themselves

Either way, a ‘no' is good because you will realize they were not the right customer, and it can help you further define your messaging to scare away people who don't fit the profile.

In this episode, I'll talk about various price levels (2,3,4, and 5 figures) and what value one can expect for each level. Thanks for watching, and please consider subscribing to my podcast for more valuable tips about Money, Marketing, and Mindset.

I’ve created a free Pricing Cheat sheet if you want it, just go to kristamollion.com/pricingcheatsheet

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