#35: How to Become a Thought Leader via Content with Viral LinkedIn and Medium Writer Tim Denning

If you are seeking a mentor to learn how to master clean and crisp writing that people can't resist, look no further. Tim Denning has amassed an impressive 500M+ views writing on both Medium and LinkedIn about Personal Development and Entrepreneurship. And I dare to say he is just getting started.

Tim has been a master of LinkedIn for the last 8 years. He writes there daily and has 400,000+ followers and 500m+ views. He runs Badassery academy with his co-teacher Todd Brison. Their academy is in the top 10 largest schools on Teachable dot com. They have 1000s of students who've completed their courses and run a thriving community of LinkedIn creators. 

LinkedIn is a goldmine for business opportunities, so any smart person should start using the platform right away to become known as a thought leader. How do you get noticed, stand out, and build a following on LinkedIn the right way?  Sign up for Tim's Badassery Academy here: https://bit.ly/3abBhHe (affiliate link)

Follow Tim:

On LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/timcdenning/

On Medium: https://medium.com/@timdenning

Sign up for his newsletter: https://timdenning.com/mb/ (so worth it)


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