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If you are a coach, consultant, business owner, or experienced professional serious about:

-Growing Your LI Following The Right Way

-Building a Kick-Ass Personal Brand

-Creating a Funnel on LI for Business Opportunities

-Becoming Known as a Thought Leader

-Dominating The Linkedin Platform

THEN JOIN US! It is 100% free and open to those serious about getting an ROI on Linkedin for their business and career.



This free challenge is for people who want to take their content from good to great, who sometimes get in a content rut and need inspiration, and those whose content doesn't get enough conversions into business opportunities. Get ready to be inspired, elevate your brand, and see and increase in inbound leads!


I'm a Marketing and Business coach. Linkedin is PART of my coaching, not a stand-alone thing I teach.

I’m living proof that Linkedin is a money-making machine. Here are some of the things I was able to achieve on Linkedin:

-Over 60k followers

-Over 16k newsletter subscribers

-Millions of Content Views

-Over 7 figures in revenue generated on Linkedin

But, the best part is yet to say: IT WAS 98% ORGANIC. I never used bots, tools, or other people to grow my account. I never paid for any leads or followers nor tricked people into following me. I never ran ads or promotions to drive traffic to my Linkedin account. I did join engagement groups (pods) for a short time so I  can’t claim 100% organic growth since this boosts your traffic. I know since that this isn’t the right strategy but the silver lining was that I met some cool people.

I distilled all the things I did to get me those results and now I teach others too.


-Enjoy consuming good content and want to make yours as good as possible

-Want to grow or increase your existing following of people who love your content

-Are a coach, consultant, or business owner who wants to use Linkedin as a sales funnel

-Want to attract more opportunities on Linkedin

-Want to be known on Linkedin as a thought leader in your industry

-Get stuck sometimes in a content rut where you don’t know what to post or get sick of posting

-Post regularly but are frustrated not to get enough Inbound sales



 -A private Linkedin group to share ideas, support, accountability, inspiration and tips and network with other business owners who are learning to kill it on Linkedin

-Direct emails for every day of the 5-day challenge

-Worksheets for every lesson

-A chance to win prizes for completing the challenge

-Friendships with a few other sassy people (the best part)

“A thought leader is someone with proven expertise and experience who isn’t afraid to share it with the world without direct compensation.”
– Jay Baer

Join this Challenge If You Want a No-BS Strategy that Gets you Results