Hi, I’m Krista!

I began my career in Silicon Valley in Product Marketing and Product Management working for B2B SaaS companies (Oracle and Autodesk). My sub-specialties are CRM, Education, Localization, and Globalization. Then in 2005, I became a founding partner of a digital VR/3D/Video agency, Transparent House, which services Fortune 500 companies and grew it to 8-figures and over 4 offices with a stellar reputation for quality and creativity. In 2017, I sold my shares and have been B2B consulting and coaching ever since under my own company, Krista Mollion LLC.

My audience now for Krista Mollion LLC includes influencers, ambitious mid-to-senior level career professionals, and small business owners, coaches, and consultants. I help them define and plan out a strong content marketing strategy, grow their businesses, and set up marketing campaigns and sales funnels that translate into profits. I also offer life coaching services where I mainly help individuals build the self-confidence they need to take action. You can learn about my services here.

Career Highlights

-Built a VR/3D agency from scratch with no previous background in that industry

-Beat out well-established competitors who had worked in the industry much longer for key clients

-Grew the agency from zero dollars to 8 figures in two years

-Grew 4 offices worldwide

-Hired over 100 people over 12 years, both in-house and as contractors

-Managed staff remotely with very little turnover and never missed a deadline

Download my resume here. 


Soft Skills

-I connect with people, easily and deeply, both in-house and on the client-side as well as partners for my target industries. This includes social selling and networking, both in-person and online

-I know B2B SaaS Marketing better than most, having worked in Silicon Valley with hundreds of companies as a Product Manager and through my agency and then consulting as a PM and Marketer, so I am well-connected and knowledgeable

-I am a visionary who always looks for new sales opportunities, both clients and products. Example: When the Real Estate Development market tanked in 2009, I had luckily worked hard two years prior to establish clients in Education and Healthcare for my agency and while many of our competitors went out-of-business or had significant layoffs, we thrived through the crisis.

-I am a life-long learner and invest a portion of my income every year back to learning new skills for my own professional and personal growth. I push myself outside of my comfort zone to learn new skills.

-I am a writer and write 10,000 words every day, 7 days weekly. I write mostly about Entrepreneurship and Personal Development but I also write Fiction and Poetry and am currently working on my memoir about growing up with a difficult childhood. Please follow me on Linkedin or Medium.

-I love public speaking, pitching, and presenting and feel comfortable on-stage

-I have a podcast and a Youtube channel that aren’t yet a regular thing but I intend to grow.


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