Are you cut out to be an entrepreneur? Here are the signs.

Are You Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur?

Ten signs to know that you are…or not

There is no right nor wrong answer. Both groups can be massively successful or fail terribly. The stress can arguable also be the same, depending on what level of responsibility you have. But it is very important to know which you should pursue. It is not easy to switch between the two lanes and be very costly to do so. Let’s save you time and money by reviewing the characteristics of an entrepreneur:


You have fears, but you do things you fear anyway and don’t let fear stop you, ever. You take risks and your self-confidence pushes you to assume the consequences of your actions.


You have clarity, a strategy, and a strong business plan. You see how you want your business to be. It is not vague. If I ask you to describe it exactly, you can, with confidence.

Work Ethic

You are the hardest worker you know and would do whatever it takes for a job, including tasks that are usually outside your skills, but you are careful to balance with rest too, so you don’t burn out.

Sales Skills

You have a leader’s presence, excellent presentation and negotiation skills, and can talk to people to bend them to your wishes.

People Person

You have charisma. People really like you. You would call yourself a people person. You have a lot of friends.


You are very disciplined with your time and stay focused without any exterior influence nor structure necessary.


Your relationships don’t distract you or pull you down from your fast-paced schedule. In fact, you very rarely or close to never let yourself be interrupted by others. The people close to you in your life give you time and space to focus on your company and only say words of encouragement and support.

Ok with Failure

You can handle both good and bad outcomes. Rejection or failure doesn’t phase you. You just brush it off and keep up the momentum to push ahead, onwards and upwards.


You take care of your non-career life and work out physically travel, have a great social life, and generally seize the day. Your life is intense and your motto is “Work Hard, Play Hard.” Long-term, this is what protects you from stress and burnout.

No Need for Approvals

You are aware of but don’t care much about what others’ around you are doing You are a true leader and not a follower. You aren’t jealous and don’t compare yourself to others. In fact, you reach out to others in your industry regularly and build partnerships, referral programs, conferences, etc.

If you don’t have all or most of these qualities, you may be very unhappy as an entrepreneur. Why set yourself up for that? Being an entrepreneur is overrated. There are plenty of amazing careers for smart, driven people too. Just always remember in your choices that ultimately, you need your career to align with who you are, and not the other way around.

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