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Follow Your Life Purpose — From Superficial to Deeper Meaning
What is Your True Calling? Follow Your Life Purpose. Find Your True Calling. In my 20s I played the money game. Most young people do. My success was measured purely by my finances. In fact, the way I viewed work had nothing to do with my life's work or purpose. I...
My Best Cure for the Holiday Blues
Tips on Surviving and Thriving During This Festive (Yet Hectic) Time of the Year We all have been there: a tad of moodiness, self-pity, depressive feelings, frustration, and a case of ‘blah’. I’m talking about mild symptoms, not a serious case of depression or genuine...
#31 – The Niche of the Niche: Identifying Your Ideal Client and Superpowers
In this episode, we'll go into defining your unique superpower area and ideal client. Not all clients are created equal so we'll discuss how to pick the 'just right' client. To help you with this process I have an ideal client questionnaire:...
October 27th was National Mentor Day. It was very heart-warming to read so many great mentor stories. But how does one actually find a mentor? This week I shared a list of my book mentors and the top 5 lessons they taught...
When Is the Right Time to Work with a Coach?
Before I personally knew about coaching, I imagined two distinct scenarios: Your life has fallen apart, and you feel lost emotionally, like in the movies “Eat Love Pray” or “Strayed”(I love both of those films!). I imagine finding a life coach dressed in flowy white...
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