Coaching begins with a free clarity call to get to know the coach and discuss your questions and big goals. The purpose of the call is to determine if it is the right fit. It is not so much a free session as an introduction.


Following the call, you should have enough information to decide if you'd like to proceed.  If you feel inclined to, we will start a working relationship!  As this point, we will set up your accounts, handle contracts and set up billings for coaching services.


For The SASSY Method™, I always start with a questionnaire to get to know a person's current state.  The questions are designed to identify which areas of your personal development we need to focus on most, such as self-confidence, assertiveness, or communication. This will help us design a plan of focus and get more out of your sessions.


For business coaching, we will meet 1:1 virtually and have regular sessions where we plan out your business or your life strategies. You will have a dedicated file folder with a ton of resources designed to accompany you on your business or life coaching journey. We will offer chat support for in-between sessions.


Business Clarity and Strategy for 7-Figures

Mental clarity and focus-Increased productivity

Automation systems to take the time and stress out of running a business

Healthier relationships

Stronger career or business success

Improved self-care (nutrition, sleep, exercise, and wellness)

Increased finances and personal wealth

Better quality time management

Less work time

More inner happiness

Not just a top great coach with amazing marketing experience but a fabulous genuine human being as well ! This is what comes to my mind about Krista Mollion. I have been knowing Krista on LinkedIn since the late fall of the past year. I have approached her in order to create my brand. The work with Krista goes beyond the marketing and the branding as the next logical steps for my business are also seen and worked.

Krista has such an ability to listen to what is said during work sessions and to analyse the very specific situation in order to come up with very precise sharp solutions for the subject matter. Her overall understanding and guiding are just bringing clarity to me in what has to be done meticulously. She is not just there to give a solution and leave you with it. Her very specific method and mind set is genuine.

Her personality and values are to me what makes her stand out in her coaching work on top of the method she created. That is what I was looking for, but not just another coach. I highly recommend Krista to anyone looking to be helped to move to the next step with great values.



Q&A About Working With Me As Your Coach

1. WHICH AREAS DO YOU SPECIALIZE IN? I cover the 4 pillars of business: -CLARITY: A unique brand value proposition to offer a specific niche of clearly identified customer avatars different from others. A well-defined business plan and list of services with prices and signature programs. – CONTENT: Email, Video, Website, Virtual Events, Podcasts, Lives, and Social Media, Community, PR, and Offline Marketing (Real-Time Events). -MINDSET: A can-do, fearless attitude to face the unknown and new and fail but never to give up, self-motivation as well as support from others. -CONVERSIONS: Sales offers, sales pages, sales webinars, sales process, sales proposals and pitches, and sales conversations.

2. WHO DO YOU WORK WITH? I work with highly skilled, experienced executives who want to use their expertise to launch their own consultancy, coaching practice, training company, professional speaking career, become a top-rated author, or otherwise grow their personal brand to attract premium opportunities and achieve time freedom through entrepreneurship. Here is my Ideal Client. If this sounds like you, apply for VIP Coaching

3. WHO DO YOU NOT WORK WITH? I am not the coach to teach you to become an expert. If you need to learn expertise, I recommend you seek out a qualified practitioner in the area of your interest to mentor or teach you. There are plenty of legitimate training programs beyond traditional universities available online.

4. HOW LONG DO YOU TYPICALLY WORK WITH CLIENTS? It is a case-by-case basis, but I typically work with coaching clients over 12 consecutive months, but it could be shorter or longer, depending on our agreement and their needs. I also offer maintenance packages to return for check ins semi-frequently after we finish our coaching.

5. WHAT ARE YOUR QUALIFICATIONS? Marketer for 20 years in Silicon Valley, mostly B2B SaaS, entrepreneur for nearly as long, I know all the ins and outs of setting up and growing a successful business. Now I teach others how to do the same.

6. WHAT IS YOUR COACHING STYLE? I'm the kind of coach who doesn't take a person's money to chat without holding you accountable for putting in the work into yourself and your business. I will help you with mindset and be here for you as a motivator, cheerleader, and support person but unlike some coaches, I also want to see progress and transformation so I give homework towards your goals each week. I see my role as an accountability partner to get you on-track with the right goals, discipline, and show you a system that really delivers results so you don't have to worry; you know exactly what you should be doing every single work day plus you'll get time off to spend with your family, all while making money. 

7. HOW DOES COACHING WORK? My services include the following:

-Intake Evaluation – Get the health of your business via a detailed business questionnaire 
-Business Plan – Review your current plan and/or build one from scratch and set specific target goals
-Monthly Strategy – Set goals every month and a detailed work schedule with time slots and actionable breakdowns to help you build the optimal workflow and achieve more in less time
-Income Streams – Review and adjust existing pricing as well as develop a plan for more products to diversify and create both passive and active
-Optimize Your Offerings – Review and adjust with the goal to do less yet be more profitable

8. HOW MUCH DOES COACHING COST?  I work on a retainer basis that can be paid in full for 12 months or monthly but my rates vary. Apply for VIP coaching to get a proposal for your needs with my current rates.

9. I'M NOT READY FOR OR NOT INTERESTED IN COACHING AT THIS TIME. DO YOU OFFER OTHER SERVICES? Yes, I do! I am first and foremost interested in helping entrepreneurs attain success, so that means constantly building new service offerings. Check out my Learn With Me page for my latest offerings.



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