In a 1:1 consultation, we cover the following:

-Questionnaire to Prepare for the Consult

-50 mins to deep dive into ONE issue

– Follow-up email with detailed recommendations

Never underestimate the power of a business consultation!

I can help you get clarity around your problems and prepare a plan to fix them.


Strategy session to cover all things Linkedin, including profile, content, and strategies.

In addition to being a B2B Marketing expert, I personally have grown my account to 65+k followers, over 4 million views (and counting) and 18+k newsletter subscribers, and made over 7 figures on Linkedin.

I can teach you strategies that have made me successful on Linkedin so you turn your profile into a money-making funnel.

50-Minute Strategy Session to discuss any concern regarding small business or marketing strategy and provide a detailed plan of action you can put in place immediately.

Audits are priceless, and can move your business or brand like nothing else.

An audit is an in-depth review of a specific area by an advanced expert in the field or specialty to provide valuable feedback and design a strategy to help you take your business to the next level.


Are you starting a business? Or maybe you have an existing business, but it is in trouble?

If you need help ASAP, book a Business Audit, and we will review carefully your finances, products, and sales and marketing strategies and Krista will provide a detailed report of recommendations to move forward.

Think of this service as designing a roadmap for your success.

Included in this package are:

– Questionnaire – 2 x 90-min 1:1 Meeting – Report of Recommendations

If you have an existing brand, I will review all main public aspects of it, including website, social profiles, visual identity, brand messages, video strategy, and reputation and provide a detailed report of recommendations to improve. Think of this like a roadmap to success. Included in this package are: -Questionnaire -90-min 1:1 Meeting -Report of Recommendations

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