Five Dealbreakers to Consider Before Starting a Business

Way back in the early 2000s, I made a significant decision to quit my job to join two partners and to build a startup. Over the next twelve years, I gave it my all and fully committed to building the business. The business was like one of my children. We struggled, went through some intense ups and downs, but eventually made it to 8-figure revenue. When I sold my shares in 2017, I mourned it like a loss, despite it being my own decision to move on.

1. TIME: Is this business something you are willing and able to put a lot of time into?

2. EFFORT: Is this business something you are willing and able to put a lot of effort into?

3. SACRIFICE: Is this business something you believe in so much that you are willing to make sacrifices to achieve it?

4. FAILURE: Are you ready to face regular and significant setbacks, rejections, criticism, and frustration?

5. MONEY: Do you have a financial plan for living and paying bills while you build your business? Are you ready to cut back on your lifestyle, if needed?



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