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Follow Your Life Purpose — From Superficial to Deeper Meaning

What is Your True Calling?

Follow Your Life Purpose. Find Your True Calling. In my 20s I played the money game. Most young people do. My success was measured purely by my finances. In fact, the way I viewed work had nothing to do with my life's work or purpose. I thought work was about finding a profession that was well paid and doing my best to succeed at it. Done!


In my 30s I started getting less satisfaction from just the material wins. I was seeking a deeper meaning in my work and a sense of purpose. I wanted to discover if I had a life calling. My feelings were confused and vague at best. I had no idea where nor how to start seeking my purpose. I had been so conditioned to focus on the money that I couldn’t stop. I was addicted to success and material things. And an unhealthy workaholic. I honestly didn’t know how to live life differently. I suffered from anxiety, depression plus I didn’t like who I was. So I threw myself into more work, “busy-ness”, and purchased more things I thought would make me happy but didn’t.

Then I hit 36 and everything changed. Overnight, I stopped. Everything. I simply woke up one day and said “I can’t do this anymore.” I foresaw my death and realized I had not yet done anything that mattered for the world, apart from being blessed to have beautiful children. What was the legacy I wanted to leave behind? My transformation was a process. In fact, it took me three years of self-exploration before I got up the courage to make significant life and career changes but when I did, I now feel that my life has so much more meaning.

I have been on a transformational journey ever since. I gave up my status quo, most of my possessions, and lost many things that used to be my everything. But it was worth it because I gained inner peace, confidence, and deep fulfillment in what I do now.

1/ Re-Defining Success

The first step was to re-define what success meant to me. I took a deep dive into my soul and re-aligned my actions and words with my true values. This was very tough and at times, I felt totally naked and alone. And terrified. There was no going back. I burned the bridges. I had to undo the conditioning I was raised to believe about career and success. I went from superficial to purpose-driven. But it wasn't easy.

2/ Purpose-Driven Community

The second step was finding people like me. At first, I felt entirely alone. I even worried they didn’t exist. Until I found one kindred spirit. Then suddenly I could see more. And a beautiful feeling came over me, to see there are others who share my values and beliefs. But hard as well since I needed to distance myself emotionally from people who worship money.

3/ Life's Work In-Action

The third step that I’m at right now and probably will be for a long time is my life’s work.

My purpose is to help others find inside themselves the best of their unique passions and skills, brand it, and spread it to the world as a trusted voice. I use my 20 years of business experience to show them how to set up their business from A to Z. I love helping people find their calling and fulfill their dreams.

I will do it however it presents itself: through 1:1 or group coaching, online platforms, books, courses and trainings, speaking, events, podcasts, lives, and more.

I know I will succeed because my expectations are no longer about myself. I succeed by giving success to others. I have finally seen my true gifts, and I’ll use them.

Having an abundance wealth mindset like mine and other change makers is not the same at all as the superficial wealth mindset of money worshipers, hustlers, and grinders boasting about their numbers. I don’t want to make money for the sake of it and definitely never at others’ expense. I’ll be the first to give away something for free or refund a person who didn’t get value. I have completely transformed. Let the world song your praise. Let your work speak. I don’t care if you made another 10k. That will be the by-product if you help so many people so focus on your WHY.

And guess what? I am fine. More than fine. Freeing myself from brainwash is amazing. And now that I’m operating on a higher level, I know no limits. I can fulfill my life’s work free of the limiting chains of false beliefs. The secret is to create true value in people’s lives. If you focus on that, money will be in its place, as a tool to allow you to do it even more. You may be thinking “Once I have money, I’ll be happy.” but don’t be a fool. If you are only working for the status quo, I know you’ll never be truly happy. Don’t believe me? Just look at Hollywood with all the drug and relationship problems.

‘Can’t buy my love.” sang the Beatles.

What is your life purpose? Are you using your gifts? How are you fulfilling your legacy? If you need help, or you are a kindred soul, I want to know you. You can reach out to me via Linkedin or Instagram DMs. Also, if you would like guidance on how to discover your life purpose, please look into my Coaching services. A fitting call is absolutely free.

Go out there and be awesome! Spread your magic and build that legacy!


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