How to Convert Leads on Linkedin


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Full Disclaimer: I am no Linkedin Coach so if you are looking for advanced training, I can refer you to some excellent coaches.

This article is purely based on my own success on Linkedin (the “Sassy” formula?). I am on Linkedin for GOOD and only want to help everyone succeed by my tips.


Make sure your profile is complete and up-to-date. This is a given yet many people don’t take the time to do it. Big mistake! Here is a basic overview of the elements of a good profile.


Connect with the right people. Your network is gold. Define a Linkedin Connection Policy to keep the quality of your feed high.


Build a strong Linkedin engagement strategy. The more visitors to your profile, the higher the chances are for conversion.


Send your contacts a proper introduction. Whatever you do, don’t pitch your services in the first email. To help you master your introductions, I have written several scripts for people because I am a master of YES and learned over my many years in Sales for my company how to get positive replies. One important tip I’ll share here is to use Icebreakers.


Stay on-top of your Inbox. The gold is in the conversations. I have sent inquiries for potential business deals and never heard back. Your Linkedin strategy will be for nothing if you miss this part. Check every day if possible or at least three times per week and follow up. Follow up. Always. And build a schedule to check in with your connections every few months. Silence is not golden.


People buy from those they know, like, and trust. Develop a strong brand voice. If your brand is strong, you will be twice as successful on Linkedin. Decide what you want to be known for and then make sure your voice aligns with the keywords you want others to say about you. I can recommend a few amazing coaches who specialize in this area. I think I’m pretty good at it myself.


Develop a clear content strategy for your posts including the frequency, times, and days of the week when you will post. If you have a business, you can share your business posts with your network from your personal profile too. Your content strategy should be planned one month in advance for the entire next month and be themed by “buckets”, meaning topics based on what you want your brand to be known for. Make a clear sales offer only twice monthly. I follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of my content is non-salsey and 20% has a specific offer. The offer may be a free training, a lead magnet, or a sign up for an event, etc. It may sound like a lot of work but it isn’t once you have a working system in-place. I’ll write another article soon that explains how I do it. Being consistent and staying on-brand in your content strategy will make you a Linkedin star. 


Carefully curate a list of thought leaders in your field of expertise to follow and engage with. By regular association over time, you will draw attention towards yourself as someone knowledgeable to follow in that area. You can build relationships with them as well as with their audience. You can do this especially well if you show genuine interest in others and don’t ask for anything of them. Make sure your comments on their posts are not promotional but instead, add value and show your deep expertise in this area.


This sounds obvious but many forget that in order to buy, the world needs to know what you are working on. Set the stage for new customers but regularly showing your audience what you do, talking about brand partnerships, happy customers, speaking engagements around your expertise, book launches, podcast interviews, and more. By doing this, you are communicating “I have something valuable that many people love.” Then, when you reach out, people will know who you are. The goal should be that your reputation proceeds you.


It is much easier to convert someone you’ve personally met. Attend a Linkedinlocal. Arrange a meeting with like-minded people you met on Linkedin. Join a good engagement group centered around common interests. Ask people to have 15-minute introduction calls with you. Join a Linkedin Live for some face time with a fellow Linkedin-er.


If you nurture your network, it will be no problem to ask them when the time comes to spread the word about your services and make specific introductions. You are twice as likely to hire someone you were personally introduced to by a trusted mutual connection.

Which is your favorite Linkedin lead nurturing tip? How has Linkedin helped your business or career success?

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Are we connected here on Linkedin? I love meeting new people and welcome new requests from business owners and ambitious professionals. I intentionally have not grown to 30k followers so that I could carefully build more meaningful connections. Please reach out.





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