Giving Up

HOW TO GET UNSTUCK: The Road Back to Positivity and Purpose

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Image: Eduardo Flores for Unsplash


How do you know when you're burnt out and you’ve hit rock bottom?

You definitely know!

You are just so tired, so awfully tired. Your life has
unraveled and is no longer sustainable.

It seems like a snowball effect. A series of unfortunate

You are so depleted and you are running on empty.

You wish everything would just stop and everyone would leave
you alone.

You want nothing.

You are just happy to survive another day in a toxic
situation and you wish nighttime were longer so you didn’t have to face another

The stress and pressure are unbearable.

In fact, you are about to snap for good. Every night you lay
awake and stare at the dark ceiling, thinking “What the heck am I going to do?”

This life is sucking out your soul.

You wish you could flee, to teleport yourself to a deserted island far away from all your problems and just start over. A clean slate. But you can’t run.

It’s complicated. You’ve got responsibilities. You have to get up every day and go do things you dread, that drain your energy and kill your morale and at night you just cry out of frustration.

Your day is entangled with so much complexity that you feel trapped in a life you don’t want. It is simply so unfair.

You never imagined your life this way. You certainly don’t know how things took such a bad turn.

To be broken, broke, and empty.

This is burn out at its finest.

How do I know all of this? Because I was in your shoes.

It feel like long ago but only yesterday.

I was stuck, miserable, broke, exhausted, and hopeless. I was just extremely unhappy. Why? Because I wasn’t living a life of purpose. I had these notions in my head of what I wanted but it wasn’t the true me. It was all based on things I had been conditioned to want. Blame it on society. Blame it on school. Blame it on my parents. Of course I wanted to find someone, anyone to blame except the true owner: me.

I was full of embarrassment, shame, fear, and self-hatred for letting myself get into such a situation in the first place.

I didn’t know who I was anymore. I’d snuffed out the real me long ago.

So what did I do?

For the first time in years, I put aside worrying about what others would think and I allowed myself to listen to my heart. I read every self-help book I could find, I meditated, I went to a spiritual healer, I attended a silent retreat with a shaman. I just wanted answers. I was seeking truth or the path back to the real me.

It was not easy at all. I had to look at things from my innermost self that I’d be repressing for years. It was, in fact, terrifying but freeing at the same time. It had to come out. I needed to shed so much baggage I hadn’t wanted to admit even existed. But I did it. And that’s when I developed The SASSY Method so you can get unstuck too.


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Are you ready to let go of old BS beliefs? These are the things you tell yourself that hold you back. Letting go of these beliefs is your key to achieving a success mindset. What are you holding on to?


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