Are You Sick of the Same Old S**T?

Photo: istock “Maybe It Will Work Out This Time.” Have you ever said that to yourself? Starting a new job, interviewing for the 100th time, getting married for the 2nd time or more, dating a new person, starting a new weight loss program, switching majors in college,...

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My Story How I Got Into Coaching

We all have a story. My story doesn’t begin at the beginning. I begin in the middle, smack in my mid-thirties, married, with kids, with a good business and a good house, seemingly with all the boxes checked off for a good life. My story begins the day I woke up. The...

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Should I hire a Coach?

Maybe you’ve occasionally watched motivational videos or read self-help books or taken some courses to hone in on a specific skill but when is it a good idea to hire a coach? Here are the signs you should at least get a consultation with a coach: You aren’t moving...

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