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You know that your brand is important and that you need to have current and polished social profiles, produce smart content, and post regularly but you just wish it were easier and less time-consuming to get results.

I hear you!

That’s why I created a program for individuals, solopreneurs, coaches, consultants, or professionals who want to build a personal brand, business brand, or community but who don’t have tons of time or money for marketing and social media.

Sounds like you?

You are in the right place:))

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Some people will do anything for likes because they don’t know a better way.  They also don’t care about the audience and are only looking for quick sales. Likes are great but building a loyal following who loves you and buys from you is even better. I will teach you the power of using an authentic voice to organically drive traffic to your brand, build an audience, and convert fans to customers.

Introducing the Amazing YOU to the World

People want to work with real people, not fake, automated, or photoshopped personas. Copying competitors is not a strategy. Staying high-level and distant is not a strategy. In my program, I teach how to define your brand identity, incorporating both the professional and personal you, and how to attract the RIGHT audience who will LOVE you.


Authentic Content & Digital Strategy

My total of 18 years of professional background in Product Marketing and running a Digital Agency makes me more than qualified to help you define the main medium of choice (articles, videos, podcast, or other), your two secondary mediums, your posting schedule, your seo strategy, and your tools (email marketing, marketing management system, and more). 

Easy, Non-Sleazy Monetisation

People buy from those they know, like, and trust. I help coaches, consultants, and solopreneurs set up digital products, sales and landing pages, funnels, payment gateways, and campaigns to drive your audience to your offerings and manage the entire process. The beauty of this is to get your products exactly in front of people who will love them and become fans for life. 


-Aren’t a professional marketer by trade

-Want a fool-proof strategy to build your online accounts

-Feel like social media is a time suck and a waste of energy that doesn’t deliver

-Cringe when you see the same types of fake posts over and over again

-Want to build an authentic brand but don’t know where to start

-Want to become known as a thought leader in your field

-Don’t quite know how to play the algorithm for more views

-Don’t want to (or can’t) spend more than 30-60 minutes daily maximum on social media platforms (maybe even less!)

-Don’t want to invest a ton of money into marketing software or services at this time (boy, can it get expensive real fast!)

-Are looking for ways to create passive income online

-Dream of attracting the right opportunities in your industry, whether that is a job offer, a pay increase, a book deal or sell copies of your books, speaking offers, new clients for your business and more

Build-a-Brand-in-30 Challenge

Thirty days of no-nonsense instructions in a group coaching setting to building a personal brand, a business brand, or a community that will get you known, liked, and trusted….and convert your followers into paying clients.

I Can Teach You...

How to find your key topics and become a thought leader in your field

-How to prepare authentic, fluff-free, witty content without much effort per month

-How to set up free or affordable marketing tools that are EASY to use!

-How to drive traffic to your posts and videos

-How to gain followers the real way (no bots, people!)

-How to monetise by converting following to clients

My Credentials...

Why am I qualified to teach you about Marketing?


Growth-Oriented Product Marketer, Blogger, and Content-Obsessed Online Educator

I’m a caring friend, lover of wine and travel, polyglot, product marketing expert and content strategist, online business owner and mentor, educator, blogger, and (still new) podcaster. In my free time, I love reading, cooking, hiking and playing with my 4 kiddos (yeah, I'm a busy mom)!

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What You WILL GEt...

-Weekly group strategy lesson (90 minutes) 

-Weekly easy homework (30 minutes)

-Ongoing online private group support and networking like-minded professionals 

-30-minute private session with Krista (Value: $110) – Limited Offer Due to COVID Year

My programs are so comprehensive and hands-on that you will get the equivalent of 7-figure value for less than the price of one mediocre course elsewhere. Try me. I’m confident that you will love it!

Telling the Story of YOU. Build Brand Awareness. Attract Fans who Love Your Brand. Scale. Automate. Build an Empire

If You Just Want a No-BS Strategy for Marketing and Social Media that Gets you Results

When you post viral content, people see the content.

When you post your content, they see you.


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