SASSY BUSINESS MASTERMIND is everything you need in your first three years of business. Entrepreneurship is lonely and so many endeavors sadly fail. I created the MASTERMIND exactly to help new business owners succeed and thrive. 






  •  You do everything yourself and are operating as a one-man show
  • You are a seasoned professional but crave financial freedom through business ownership
  • You know you have so much to do that it sometimes feels like walking up a mountain where you never reach the summit
  • You know you should be making more money and feel frustrated why that isn’t happening
  • Social media feels overwhelming at times and you wish you had a more organized strategy
  • Your knowledge of branding is limited and you want to make sure your brand converts well to your audience
  • Copywriting, video, podcasting, and courses all interest you but you could use some guidance
  • You are disclipined with your time but often don’t quite get the things done that you set out to do
  • You feel a lack of support at times since the people closest to you don’t understand your business challenges  




 Hi, I’m Krista, your SASSY Business Coach! I have over 20 years of experience in Marketing and Technology working in Silicon Valley, CA, with top companies like Apple, HP, Samsung, Oracle, and Autodesk. I built a successful Virtual Reality Agency from scratch with 2 partners and grew into into an 8-figure business with 4 offices. So I know a thing or two about growing a business, Sales, Marketing, and Operations. Now I help others build their businesses. Nothing excited me more than a good business launch. I also developed a self-help program called The S.A.S.S.Y. Method, which helps business owners become Seriously Authentic, Smart, Self-Confident You. My approach is 50% mindset and 50% strategy. I have developed an A to Z blueprint for building a successful business. I offer both 1:1 coaching and masterminds and there are advantages to both so explore what is right for you. And by the way, I’m a mom to 4 kids so I also know A LOT about time management and will help you find balance to build your business AND get home for dinner.






 -WEEKLY 90-minute group video call   


-Access to all my SASSY business resources, including worksheets, courses, and guides to give you all you need to succeed in the first 3 years  


-Group chat with other amazing business owners for networking, accountability, and more. The quality of the people in this group and the friendships that develop alone are worth joining for! 


-1:1 chats with me in-between our weekly group calls whenever you need some quick support


 – Free comprehensive Brand Audit for your website and Linkedin profile (this is priceless, just ask my members!)


-Discounts off all SASSY workshops and retreats as well as early RSVP  




What They Say

Simply amazing! These are the words that come to mind when I think of Krista! I’ve met Krista on Linkedin and she hasn’t ceased to impress me. I’ve been part of her mastermind and every week, she provides us with tons of knowledge, She takes time to listen to each of us, providing us with tips and ideas on how we can improve our respective businesses. She is a great coach, mentor and motivator, she inspires all. And when you need to speak to her in a 1-on-1, she always takes the time to speak with you, to support you and guide you. She has so much knowledge not only from a business perspective but also about all the tools and everything that is going on out there. She provided me with the clarity I needed and helped me prioritize my next steps. I am truly grateful for Krista. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking to move to the next level. – VIRGINIE L.  

Krista is an amazing force! What she doesn’t know about sales, marketing and strategy, you don’t need to know! I joined Krista’s mastermind & it’s been invaluable in helping me to define where I want to be, and how I plan to grow & scale my business. Krista is one of the kindest most genuine people I have met, and I am honored to be part of her group. She has a special knack to lifting you up and inspiring you to dream big & go after your dreams. Thank you Krista. I’ll be forever grateful for your guidance. – CHARLOTTE S.

Krista is an amazing leader, I spent time with her through her Sassy Business Club initiative here on LinkedIn plus I had an individual coaching session. The amazing, inspiring and lovely people were participants of the club. Krista shines as a true leader and coach. She taught me how to run my business more successfully, she supported me with insights and advice. Krista is also writing her own book which I can’t wait to read, freely shares useful information and looks out for her clients. I highly recommend hiring Krista for coaching services and, if you are lucky, she may invite you to one of her next Business Clubs. – IRINA B.

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