The Mini-Guide to Instant Happiness


I’m going to take a leap of faith here and guess that you also realize how the quality of your happiness affects the quality of every area of your life (and the life quality of others close to you too). 

Do you want to go all-in? Then check out my book, The Mini Guide to Instant Happiness, here where I walk you through each of the ten steps in a lot more detail with practical exercises you can implement immediately.

I am confident if you implement these tips, you will see an upgrade to your happiness.


My definition of happiness is to live every day in self-love, using my skills, in-line with my purpose and values. That is true success. If happiness isn’t life’s end goal, I don’t know what is. And what I’ve come to realize after half a life pursing external achievements is that happiness happens on the inside. You can acquire all the external possessions, but it is the soul that drives happiness and that all begins with SELF-LOVE.

I am confident if you implement the tips in this book, you will see an upgrade to your happiness.


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