$97.00 / month

This mastermind is designed especially for new business owners. You will find everything you need to launch and grow a successful business.



Are you starting up your business? This is the best time to get all the support and expert advice that you need to succeed. Most businesses fail in their first year and many never make money. Don’t let that be you. Join our mastermind to cover all the main areas you need to run a business. You can join anytime. Get your spot now!

There are 4 Cycles:

Cycle I is for someone new to the Sassy Program. We will focus on CLARITY. This program runs 3 months. Join if you aren’t consistently hitting 6 figures.

Cycle II is for a graduate of the Sassy Program I or someone who has hit 6 figures already but can’t maintain it consistently yet. You can continue with other graduates of Level I who wish to go deeper and learn more STRATEGY. This program runs 3 months. The goal of this program is to hit a consistent 6 figures.

Cycle III is for Sassy Program regulars who know and practice the foundations of the CLARITY and STRATEGY and are solidly hitting 6 figures. We will focus on AUTOMATION, GROWTH, HIRING HELP, and UPLEVELING your business. The goal of this program is to aim for 7 figures.

BOSS is for Sassy Program Pros. Once you hit this level, you will get lifetime access to the Sassy Business VIP group and resources.

Before purchasing any mastermind package, please sign up for a free webinar call to apply: https://calendly.com/kmollion/mastermind-webinar?



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