When Is the Right Time to Work with a Coach?

Before I personally knew about coaching, I imagined two distinct scenarios:

  • Your life has fallen apart, and you feel lost emotionally, like in the movies “Eat Love Pray” or “Strayed”(I love both of those films!). I imagine finding a life coach dressed in flowy white clothes with an aura of peace and serenity and walking with him or her through this amazing garden with thousands of flowers while bantering about the meaning of life.
  • You are a successful executive and your company is very invested in you so they pay for the best coach in the country. This super coach pushes you towards new heights of success beyond anything you could have imagined.

Now I know a lot better and definitely feel there is an ideal time to come to a coach.

The Fresh Graduate

You are ready to crush it in the corporate world…or not. Resume, Linkedin, interview strategy, salary negotiations, all of it is daunting to you. A coach can make all the difference and help you land your dream job.

The Escapee

You are in a nine-to-five job but can’t handle it anymore. You dream of the day you can quit. But you need a plan to replace your income. Perfect timing to hire a coach!

The Struggler 

You are a freelancer, consultant, or online business owner. You may have been one for multiple years. But you can’t seem to break through and finally hit constant 6-figures. Even worse, you have no system and just try your best to get clients. You may be in such bad shape that you had to return to work, either full-time or as a contractor.

The Stuck One

You don’t know how to move forward. You lack strategy and feel unproductive during your workdays or in your next career move. You are open to different options but need some support to figure things out.

The Climber

You thought things were going well until…they stopped progressing. Your boss just won’t give you a promotion to the position you so desire, but keeps putting it off, promising you two will discuss it later. Your motivation is starting to wane. You’ve given a lot to the company and deserve better. Time to hire a coach to build a promotion strategy and a Plan B.

The Returnee

You’ve been out of the workforce for a while, maybe due to caregiving or an illness. Before you dust off your resume, you need some help getting up-to-speed with current hiring practices, advice how to handle the gap in your work history, and what to ask for in terms of salary. Take the stress off your shoulders and get a coach.

The Senior-Level Job Seeker

The more experience you have, the fewer positions are available. After all, the company hierarchy is like a triangle that gets narrower towards the top. A coach can help you get a certain competitive edge when you need to put yourself above the other candidates.

The Switcher

Changing careers can be tough so hiring a coach may be the best bet to figuring out how to make a smooth transition from one career to another.

The Leader

So much responsibility and pressure are on your shoulders. Others count on you, expect a lot from you, and you are pushing for high performance. Who has your back? Hire a coach to bring more structure into your work, to give you tips and methods, and to take away some of the stress.

The Business Owner

No entrepreneur should be without a coach. Growing a business is a major endeavor and like an athlete, a boss needs someone to cheer them on, help them grow the right way, and be in their corner.


This list is not exhaustive. There are definitely more scenarios where hiring a coach is the right choice. Never underestimate the power of some good council. 

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